Berks County Aesthetes at the R5 Punk Rock Flea Market 
Aesthetes Alexander Echevarria, Sydney Howells, Martha Oelerich and Kevin Travers display their art wares for young Philadelphia punk rockers to see and feel.

Berks County Aesthetes at Two-Piece Fest V 
official Aesthetes Alexander Echevarria, Sydney Howells and Martha Oelerich each designed and hand screened 3 different shirt designs and a two-color poster designed by Alexander Echevarria for one of Pennsylvania's most revered festival of musical duos.

(all 3 have same back design)

Berks County Aesthetes at The Secret Art Space 2nd Annual Black Sunday Craft Fair 2011

our schmear featured art shirts, art books, art drawings, art prints, art paintings, music records, music tapes and music cds for sale made by or affiliated with the Berks County Aesthetes.