Art Garage Sale

good art CHEAP. everything MUST GO! drawings, paintings, posters, screen prints, etchings, art books, etc. 
new items will be added all the time. 

email: for questions about size, shipping, what to do with your new Berks County Aesthetes art or why we sell such great art for little to no money. 

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Mrs. Food Goes To Holiday Hair
17 page mini-comic by Sydney Howells
screen-printed cover
$5 + shipping

Ghost Bust Of Thomas Baker t-shirt
two-color silkscreen on tie-dyed t-shirt by Alexander Echevarria
$12 + shipping


Cocks & Balls
two 8-pagers with silkscreened covers in silkscreened envelope by Martha Oelerich
$5 + shipping

Two-Piece Fest 5 poster
two-color screen print with hand colored masking tape
design by Alexander Echevarria
$5 + shipping

Two-Piece Fest 5 t-shirt reprint
limited quantity of each design 
$10  + $3 shipping

please specify design during checkout, i.e. "dreamcatchers", "skulls", "two guys peeing".

family style "Equine Ass" t-shirt by Alexander Echevarria
perfect for birthdays, funerals and lounging around the house
$8 + shipping.

Berks County Aesthetes Quaker t-shirt
two color silkscreen on white t-shirt by Sydney Howells
$8 + shipping